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Q: When will MLB the Show 09 come out?
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Which is better MLB 2k9 or MLB 09 the show?

mlb 2k9 is great except that you cant argue ^true But overall MLB 09 The Show is way better in about every aspect.

What is the release date for MLB 09 the show?

march 3rd 09

Is Major League Baseball 09 the show psp worth it or should you get 08?

yes MLB 09 the show is worth it

Does MLB 09 the show have online for ps2?

yes sir

On MLB 09 the show can you play with your saved rosters online?

me no no

Will Major League Baseball the show come out for xbox360?

NO.. there is a 0% chnace that MLB 09 The SHOW will be released for the xbox 360. The game is meant to be played on SONY consoles

When is MLB 09 the show coming out?

Its probably coming out on March 2009

Can you play with minor league teams in mlb the show 09?

yes you can.

What AA team is the best in MLB 09 the show?

none The Braves

What type of graphics does MLB 09 The Show have for the psp?

they are pretty good

When does MLB the show come out?

march 4th

Why is'nt there a Major League Baseball the show for Wii?

The reason why none of the "MLB The Show" video games such as 'MLB 08 The Show," "MLB 09 The Show" and "MLB 10 The Show" have not been released for other consoles such as the Nintendo Wii is because Sony Entertainment is the company that owns the "MLB The Show" video games and they only want it for their video game consoles which are the PlayStation consoles.

Are there any cheats for MLB 09 the Show for PSP?

Yes, there are but you have to use cwcheats.

When will MLB the Show come out?

It should come out around March or April

Will Major League Baseball 09 The Show ever come out on Xbox 360?

No, MLB The Show is PlayStation exclusive, as it is developed internally at SCEA studios. It appears only on PS2, PS3, and PSP

When does MLB the Show 08 come out?

march 4th

When does MLB 13 the show come out on ps3?

Next year in March 2013 MLB 11 The Show was released March 8, 2011 and MLB 12 The Show was released March 6, 2012

Why is Major League Baseball the show not for xbox 360?

will mlb the show come out for xbox 360?

When does mlb 14 the show come out?

may 6 2014

When does MLB 11 the show going to come out?

march 8th

What is the best psp game apart from God of War?

nba live 09 is really cool and so is madden 09..... i heard mlb 09 the show is awesome

When does MLB 10 the show come out?

march 2nd that is the day it comes out

Does mlb 09 the show have home run derby mode?

Not on the PS3. i have the ps2 and psp and it on those but no ps3

Was there ever been a player named Kevin Wolfgram in the Yankees?

No, he is a made up player in my Road to the Show mode on MLB 09 the show.

What game should you buy Major League Baseball 09 the show or Major League Baseball 2k9?

i would buy MLB 09 The Show because that game has better graphics Yeah!!!! MLB 09 The Show DOES have better graphics because i bought it yesterday June 30, 2009! dude it is awsome i bought it yesterday November 9 for psp