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Red & yellow cards were introduced in the 1970 world cup in Mexico.

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Q: When were yellow and red cards introduced to soccer?
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Is there a purple card in soccer?

No there are only red cards and yellow cards

Was there ever been a black card in soccer?

No only yellow and red cards are there in soccer.

What are Yellow and red cards in soccer?

Yellow and red cards are shown as a signal when a player or substitute commits misconduct before, during, or after a match.

What colour cards are used in soccer?

The cards used in soccer (2) were the yellow card (warning) or red (sent off).

When were red and yellow cards first used in soccer?

in the 1970's

Do referees give out yellow and red cards in the game of soccer?


Which women's soccer match has produced the most yellow and red cards?

usa vs england 6 yellow cards

What does it mean when you get two yellow cards during a soccer game?

When you have two yellow cards you got a red card and you exit the match.

What does a referee take on to a soccer pitch?

whistle, red and yellow cards and clothes

Which soccer match has produced the most yellow and red cards?

The most yellow card and red cards in match was when it was Portugal V netherland. 16 YELLOW CARDS AND 4 RED CARDS OHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDD. The referee was Valentin Ivanov from Russia

Did Leo Messi ever get a red or yellow card in soccer?

Of course he has received 1 or more yellow and red cards. Yes

Who has the most yellow or red cards in soccer?

It depends on how many get issued. Although, 2 yellow cards equal a red. So for instance, you receive 2 yellow cards in one game you are out for the rest of the game and the next game.

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