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london has not hosted olympic for 3 times by completeing london olympic 2012, london will be the first city to host Olympics for 3 times........

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Q: When were the last four times London hosted the Olympics?
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When did UK host the olympic games first?

The first time the Summer Olympics were in London was in 1908. The second time was in 1948. London is the only city to have hosted the modern Summer Olympics three times, and the United Kingdom is one of only two countries that has hosted more than two modern Summer Olympics to date (the other is the United States, which has hosted four).

How long has the Olympics been in London for?

four times

How many times has there been hosted Olympic games?

Ancient OlympicsThe Ancient Olympics weren't hosted, they were actually held at Olympia every four years.Modern OlympicsSummer Olympics: 27Winter Olympics: 21Total: 48

Are the winter olypmpics held every December?

No. The winter Olympics are held ever four years. It was held this year (2010) in Canada. In four years time, it will be hosted by Russia from February 7 to February 23, 2014. This will be the 22nd winter Olympics. The summer Olympics are also held every four years and occur 2 years after/before the winter Olympics. The next summer Olympics will be in 2012, hosted by the United Kingdom in London.

Has the USA hosted a winter olympicS and where?

The USA has hosted the Winter Olympics four times: Lake Placid, New York (1932 & 1980); Squaw Valley, California (1960); Salt Lake City, Utah (2002).

What country did the Olympics take place the most?

As of the 2008 Games, that would be the United States who have hosted four Summer Olympics and four Winter Olympics.

What is the country where the Olympics have been hosted for four years?

New Zealand

When did Olympics start?

The modern Olympics started in 1896, appropriately in Athens. The original ones were some 2500 years previously.Athens is one of only four cities to have hosted the Olympics twice - in 1896 and 2004. Paris hosted in 1900 and 1924, London in 1908 and 1948, Los Angeles in 1932 and 1984. Therefore, in 2012 London will become the first city to host the Olympics 3 times.In the year 1804 BC the Olympics started by the Greeks.

How many gold medals have the European countries won at the Olympics?

Every four years, a country is picked to host the Olympics games. Countries in Europe have hosted these games 34 times.

Summer Olympics occur how many times in a year?

The Summer Olympics take place once every four years. The next are in London in 2012.

Which country is the first to host the Olympic games 3 times?

London is the first city to host the summer Olympics three times (1908, 1948, 2012). However, the first countryto host three times was the United States (St. Louis 1904, Los Angeles 1932 & 1984, Atlanta 1996). Athens, Greece, and Paris, France, have also hosted twice each.The United States has hosted the winter Olympics four times (Lake Placid 1932 & 1980, Squaw Valley 1960, Salt Lake City 2002). France has hosted the winter Olympics three times (Chamonix 1924, Grenoble 1968, Albertville 1992). Lake Placid, NY, USA; St. Moritz, Switzerland; and Innsbruck, Austria, have hosted twice each.

How many venues are there in the London Olympics?