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four times

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Q: How long has the Olympics been in London for?
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How long has sailing been in the Olympics?

Since 1908, held in London. I think, anyway

How long will the 2012 London Olympics be?

the olympics are on for 1 month in the summer in england london 2012

How long are the London Olympics on for?

The London olympics take 19 days and the paralympics take 2 weeks

How many times since the year 2000 have the summer Olympics been held in London?

How many times has the summer olympics been held in London?

Why is nick willis at the London Olympics?

because he is an new zealander, and hes been in the olympics for a long time, and hes good at what he does :) yeee gee !!

How many olympics has Missy Frankin been in?

The 2012 London Olympics is her first olympics. She has just turn 17:)

What area of London has been refurbished for the Olympics?

East Londons Stratford's 200acr sight was refurbished for the 2012 London Olympics, please refer to 2012-summer-olympics

How long has the Olympic stadium been in London?

London has had a couple of Olympic Stadiums. One in 1908 and again in 1948. The current stadium has been under design and construction for the last 8 years since London learned they had won the bid for the 2012 Olympics.

How long will the London Olympics last?

16 days

How many Olympics has there been where is the next Olympics meant to be?

Starting in 1896, there have been 29 in the modern era, not including the winter olympics. Making the upcoming Olympics in London the 30th of the modern era.

How many Olympics has Tom Daley been in?

Tom has Dived in 2 Olympics so far; the Beijing 2008 Olympics and the London 2012 Olympics.

Where is the Olympics being held after London?

games after London have not been decided until until 2009

How many Olympics have there been over the past years?

the London Olympics 2012 was the 30th modern olympiad .

How long has fencing been in the Olympics?

fencing has been in the Olympics from 1928

How long has swimming been in the Olympics?

It has been there since the first Olympics.

Has the Olympics been held in London before?

Yes, in 1948

How long has sprinting been in the Olympics?

To the most specific information about sprinting it has been in the Olympic games from the very beggining to the latest Olympic game held (London, England 2012)

How long will the London 2012 Olympics last for?

17 days

How long will the London Olympics opening ceremony last?


How long is the London 2012 Olympics?

all year I think

How long have professional athletes been competing in the Olympics?

As long as the Olympics have started. As long as the Olympics have started. As long as the Olympics have started.

How long has Dressage been in the Olympics for?

Dressage has been in the Olympics since 1912.

When are the Olympics in London?

The Olympics are going to be in London in 2012

Which city to have been awarded the summer Olympics three times?


Which years has the olympics been held in london?

1908 1948 2012