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year 40,000,000,000,000,000,000

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Q: When were the first modern tennis balls used?
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How long are balls used in pro tennis?

Pro-tennis balls are changed after the first seven and nine games.

Tennis balls used at Wimbledon?

Slazenger tennis balls are used at Wimbledon.

When did Wimbledon first use yellow tennis balls?

Yellow tennis balls replaced white tennis balls because the Lawn Tennis Association decided that the white balls were difficult to see. You can still buy white balls nowadays at, which is the leading modern and easiest seller for white tennis balls for sale to reach in America and internationally. According to, the first use of yellow tennis balls was in 1986 to make easier viewing on television. Wilson has always been making the white balls for lawn tennis which can be ordered online occasionally. But before the company started selling in 2007, the white ball market was shut down for decades for most common use and is still quite rare. The only tennis balls that can be used in professional tennis is the neon and white, so it technically hasn't been changed within the rules of tennis.

What tennis ball name is used in the Wimbledon Championship?

Slazenger tennis balls are used at Wimbledon.

How many tennis balls used at French Open?

For every tennis match there maybe 60 balls needed

Where do tennis balls get used?

On Tennis Courts? ;) Also on chair legs and with dogs. ;D

In the Rule Book of Tennis what are the two colors of tennis balls that can be used?

yellow or white

How have changes to tennis equipment effected tennis participation?

Because in 1954 they used paper clips and bowling balls, so the population after raquets and tennis balls rent to 99.9%.

What did they change in tennis balls?

They improved them a lot! If your question would be more specific, it would be easier to answer. The tennis balls used to be wads of hair or wool wrapped in stuff, but now they are more rubbery for bounce. I don't know exactly how.

When and where was the first tennis held?

It was played by Kings and Queens in the 1400's with bladders used as the balls. I believe it was first played in England but that, I am not sure of.

What do you use a table tennis ball for?

Cracked table tennis balls can be used for vehicular antenna-toppers.

How many tennis balls are used for a tournament?

3, sometimes 6