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The Dallas Cowboys were established in 1960.

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Q: When were the Dallas Cowboys established?
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When was the team the Dallas Cowboys established?

The Cowboys joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1960.

What year did the Dallas Cowboys form?

they were established in 1960.

What is Chris Brown favorite football team?

his favorite football team is the dallas cowboys

How did the Dallas Cowboys become the Dallas Cowboys?


When and where were the Dallas Cowboys created?

The Dallas Cowboys joined the NFL as an expansion team in 1960. They were known as the Dallas Cowboys.

Who is ariana Grandes favorite football team?

My favorite is actually hockey!

What is the address for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

The DCC address is: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Cowboys Center One Cowboys Parkway Irving, TX 75063

Who is the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys?

Tony Romo is the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

What is that Dallas Cowboys schedule?

The Dallas Cowboys schedule is linked below.

What will the Dallas Cowboys record for 2009 be?

the dallas cowboys will be 11-5

Did the Dallas Cowboys have another name?

No. They were called the Dallas Cowboys from 1960.

Where can you find Dallas Cowboys coloring sheets?

You can find Dallas Cowboys coloring sheets on Dallas

Dallas Cowboys super bowl losses?

Super Bowl V- Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Colts. ---Cowboys(13)--Colts(16) Super Bowl X-Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. ---Cowboys(17)--Steelers(21) Super Bowl XIII-Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers.---Cowboys(31)--Steelers(35)

who is better chiefs or the Dallas Cowboys?


Where can you send fan mail to the Dallas Cowboys?

Dallas Cowboys Cowboys Center 1 Cowboys Parkway Irving, TX 75063-4727

Where do the Dallas Cowboys play?

The Dallas Cowboys have played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas since the 2009 season.

Who is better in football Dallas Cowboys or Miami Dolphins?

I am a fan of the cowboys so I gotta say the dallas cowboys!!

Who is the Dallas Cowboys marketing and sales director?

Dallas Cowboys marketing Director.

What year were the Dallas Cowboys founded?

The Dallas Cowboys were founded back in 1960.

Who owns the Dallas Cowboys?

Jerry Jones is the owner and GM of the Dallas Cowboys.

Who was dallas cowboys qyarterback in the ninties?

Dallas Cowboys quarterbacks in 1990-2000

What is Tyler Clutts's number on the Dallas Cowboys?

Tyler Clutts is number 44 on the Dallas Cowboys.

Which football team was the Dallas Cowboys watch named after?

"The Dallas cowboys watch was named after, the Dallas cowboys. The team is based out of Dallas, Texas and they have their stadium there. Other than that I am not sure what the question is really talking about."

Where do you write Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys?

The Dallas Cowboys mailing address is: Dallas Cowboys Cowboys Center One Cowboys Parkway Irving, Texas 75063 The Dallas Cowboys contact page is here:

NFL team with the most fans?

The Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys.