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An arrow is shot straight up at an initial velocity of 250 ms How long will it take to hit the ground

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Q: When were soccer goal keepers able to cross mid field?
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Why soccer is your favorite?

I t is my favorite because you get to be with your friend and really be able your passion for soccer on the field.

Is the size of a field smaller for youger players in soccer?

Yes it is as children aren't able to run as far

What is vision explain giving example from sport?

It is being able to see the whole field. Such as in soccer, a goalie needs to have good vision to see the entire field.

Should shop keepers be able to have a gun under the counter?

Why not? It IS their shop.

How much do you sweat during a average soccer game?

you are able to sweat more than 50 gallons of sweat if you give your best in the field.

Why is soccer important to you?

Soccer is:~my love~my passion~my lifeI wouldn't be able to live without soccer.

How much minutes should soccer player run across the soccer field?

In order to make my soccer team we are required to be able to sprint the 120 meters in 17 seconds, jog back in 45, and than do that 9 more times. This could vary depending on who you play for.

How old do you have to be to be in pro soccer?

i would say that the youngest a professional soccer team would accept would be 15 or 16 depending on how big you are. If you're a smaller person they will hesitate on you cause of you being able to hold your own on the field.

How old do you have to be to play soccer?

you can be any age to play soccer but it depends if you can be able to play it

What is a computed field?

A computed field is a field which is able to do calculations.

What do you need to be able to play profesional soccer?


Facilities of soccer?

Here's from the article I have read: There are 19 soccer fields located at Columbia Cosmopolitan Recreation Area. To ensure quality fields, soccer field rules and regulations have been established to allow use of soccer fields for game play only. Use of the fields for practices is not allowed. This policy is key to being able to maintain quality fields for use by Columbia soccer players and has been in place for over 10 years.

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