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Olympic rules changed in 1989 and the first professional NBA Olympic team was the 1992 Dream Team led by Michael Jordan.

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Q: When were NBA players allowed to participate in the Olympics?
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When did The Olympics allowed National hockey players and the National basketball players to play in the Olympics?

NBA players first Olympics was the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona and NHL players first Olympics was the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano.

In what year were NBA players first allowed to compete in the Olympics?

1992 Dream team

When did NBA become an Olympic sport?

The NBA is not an Olympic sport. Basketball is the sport but NBA players were allowed to play starting at the 1992. Prior to that NBA professional players were banned from competing and only amateurs could play in the Olympics.

What do the NBA players do?

NBA players play for one of the 30 NBA teams. They participate in basketball games and get paid for playing in them.

How many players are NBA teams allowed to have on their roster?

Twelve active players are allowed to be on an NBA roster during each individual game.

What year did NBA players start playing in the Olympics?


Do you have to maintain amateur status to be in the Olympics?

No, look at the NBA players, they are professional athletes and play in the Olympics.

Can players in the NBA allowed to wear a ring when playing?


What Players won championships in college NBA and Olympics?

Micheal Jordan 1 unc 6nba 2 Olympics

How many players are allowed on the court during NBA regular play?


How many players are allowed on a NBA team?

Fifteen players is the maximum amount....5 starters...7 bench players and 3 reserves

What was the famous name of the us basketball team in the 1992 Olympics?

They were referred to as "The Dream Team" because it was composed mostly of the top stars in the NBA. It was the first time that NBA players were eligible to play in the Olympics.

Why was Larry Bird not in the USA Olympic basketball team of 1984?

FIBA, the international basketball governing body, did not allow NBA players to participate in the Olympics until the 1992 Games in Barcelona. U.S Olympic basketball teams, prior to the 1992 Games, were made up of college players only.

What is the proper amount of players on a basketball team?

you are allowed up to 15 people on an nba roster

What university has had the most players in the NBA?

The University of Kentucky has the most players that are in the NBA with 20 players. Duke University follows with 18 players in the NBA.

How many fouls are allowed?

In the NBA a player is allowed up to 6 fouls. After a player has reached 6 fouls they're "fouled out" and cannot participate in the rest of the game.

What kind of education do NBA players need?

NBA players do not need an education. If they are good, they will make the NBA. Thus, many NBA players do not have a college education.

How many players in the NBA are Felons?

NBA players with felonies

What state produces the most NBA players?

Florida, California, and Texas produce a lot of good NBA players, but I'm not for sure what state produces the MOST NBA players. duke has the most nba players in the nba now.

In the NBA how many fouls are you allowed per game and what happens if you exceed this amount?

You are allowed to foul six times. However, once you get the sixth foul, you will be fouled out of the game and will not be allowed to participate for the rest of the game.

How many players are allowed on an NBA team?

I believe it's unlimited. But only five can play at a time.

How many total players are nba teams allowed to have?

15 players. 12 players to attend games and 3 reserves ( players that would come to a game if a player was injured or could not attend the game)

How many players of the basketball team has?

An NBA team can have 15 players, but only 12 can be activated per game. And only 5 players from each team are allowed on the court at a time.

Does the NBA participate in the NCAA?


Who pays the NBA players?