When was water polo played In The Olympic's?

Updated: 4/20/2022
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Water Polo is a sport which has been contested in every Olympic Games since the 1900 Summer Olympic Games in Paris - and will be contested again in 2012.

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Q: When was water polo played In The Olympic's?
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Where will water polo be held in the Olympics 2012?

Water Polo Arena

Is water polo included in the olympic games or has it ever been in the Olympics?

Water polo has been contested in the Summer Olympic Games since the 1900 Games in Paris. Water polo was among the first team sports to ever be played in the Olympics, along with cricket, polo, rugby union, and tug of war.

What sports are getting played at the Olympics?

Gymnastics,archery,swimming,beachvollyball,water polo,track and field

Water polo in Israel?

water polo is palyed in a 25m pool, width veries. There are 7 players in the pool from one team, including a goalie. The object is to get the ball in the goal, past the gaolie and the other team. you can only use one hand and the game is quite violent, but very fun!

How deep is the water in Olympics water polo in London?

six feet

Will swimming be played in the Olympics?

Yes. Aquatic sports include: Marathon Swimming, Synchronized Swimming, Diving and Water Polo as well.

Who are the favourites for the Beijing Olympics water polo?

Hungary and USA

How long has water polo been in the Olympics?

Since 1996

When did Moises Lichtinger swim for Olympics for usA?

1972 summer olympics. Water polo team.

When did water polo come to the Olympics?

First introduced as an Olympic sport in 1900. (according to NBC sports announcer)

Who were the water polo champions in 1972?

At the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, the Soviet Union won gold in men's water polo.

What is the purpose of the small pool at the Olympics?

Diving, Water Polo, Etc.