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Trampolining was invented when the Trampoline was invented in 1934.

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Q: When was trampolining invented?
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Where was trampolining invented?

at your house when someone fell on your mom and bounced

How do you spell trampolining?

You just did. Trampolining .

Components of fitness trampolining?

components of fitness for trampolining

Is trampolining a sport?

Trampolining is of course a sport, you can do competitions and train in it.

What does trampolining mean?

trampolining is basically you going to do it on a trampoline that is different than the one in homes

Why do you need balance in trampolining?

You need balance for trampolining so you dont fall over.

Is trampolining in the commonwealth games 2014?

No, Trampolining was not a sport contested at the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Who invented trampolining?

Tuck Jump, Pike Jump, Straddle Jump, Swivle Hips, Barani, Somersault... There are just a few of many.

Trampolining is good for you?

Yes, trampolining is very good exercise. but be-careful you don't hurt yourself!

Is trampolining a real sport?

Yes, trampolining is a real sport. It is one of the many sports in the Olympics.

Is agility needed in trampolining?


Where did trampolining come from?


What are the rules of trampolining?


Which sport do you do a fliffus?


What to wear to trampolining?


Is trampolining a team sport?


When did trampolining start in the Olympics?

Trampolining started in the Olympics during the 2000 summer games in Sydney, Australia.

Is trampolining a Olymipic sport?

Trampolinig is not a Olypic sport because I watch the olympic everytime it happens and there was no "trampolining"

Who holds the world record in Trampolining?

Present world record holder in Trampolining is Jason Burnett of Canada.

Who is the current world champion in trampolining?

me Wayne Blurter answer my question actually i'll answer it myself do you suck at trampolining? yes you do.

When was trampolining introduced into the Olympics games?

Trampolining has been a medal sport in the Olympics since the 2000 Games in Sydney

What are the different types of judges in trampolining?

The Judges of trampolining are as follows . . .Chair of judgesExecution judgesDifficulty judgesSynchronisation judgesAssistant judges

Should you do dance or trampolining?


When was Trampolining introduced at the Olympics?


Where did trampolining originate from?

see link