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Q: When was the very first baseball World Series?
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When did the Boston Red Sox win there first World Series?

Boston Red Sox won the 1901 World Series aganst the Pittsburgh Pirates(it was the very first World Series in MLB histoy.

When was the first time cy yound pitched in the world series?

Cy Young pitched in the very first (20th century) World Series for Boston, in 1903.

When did the Red Sox win the World Series?

Boston Red Sox won the 1901 World Series aganst the Pittsburgh Pirates(it was the very first World Series in MLB histoy.

When did the Boston red sox win the world series?

Boston Red Sox won the 1901 World Series aganst the Pittsburgh Pirates(it was the very first World Series in MLB histoy.

Where was the first World Series won by American league team?

The Boston AL team won the very first World Series, in 1903, besting the Pittsburgh Pirates, five games to three.

Oldest baseball championship baseball game?

I dont know the exact year it was but it was played in the late 1800's or very early 1900's. The very first world series was won by the Boston Redsox then. THEY WERE NOT called the Redsox then they were called the Boston Pilgrims.

How much is a 1922 World Series baseball signed by Jessie haines worth?

Jesse Haines was a very popular baseball player from the 1920's. A 1992 World Series baseball with his signature is worth around $2,000 or more as long as the signature is still visible and the ball is in good condition.

How many World Series' did Honus Wagner play in?

He has played in 2 World Series' In fact, he played, and lost, in the first ever World Series in 1903; but in 1909, he played in and won the World Series, and performed very well. Wagner led the Pirates past Ty Cobb and the Detroit Tigers in 1909.

What is a 1994 World Series baseball worth since there was no World Series?

Rawlings 1994 world Series BaseballThe official Rawlings 1994 world Series Baseball, is from the World Series that never was. These Historic balls were made to be used in the 1994 World Series when the players went out on strike. Leaving the fans without the World Series, and Rawlings with a surplus of baseballs. Although a Rare event in baseball history, the balls are very common. There are more 1994 World Series baseballs than collectors keeping the price down.In 1994 the Baseballs were made available through Newspaper offers, and memorabilia dealers. They sold for about $10. for multi orders to $15. for one. Today the baseball sealed in the box is worth about $15.-$20. Commonly found on eBay you can still pick them up for as low as $10. and $5.-$10. without the box

What is the value of a 1982 Game Used World Series Baseball with the star stamp on it?

My Uncle from St. Louis caught a foul ball from the 1982 World Series. His baseball has the 1982 World Series stamp on the baseball with a star stamp above the Rawlings logo. The 1982 World Series baseball is typically sold for more than other World Series baseballs. The 1982 World Series baseball could easily fetch up to $100 on eBay. I have not seen the stamp used on other game used World Series baseballs around that era. This is a very unique ball. IMO the value is easily over twice that of a non game used 1982 World Series baseball. Other 80's World Series baseballs would be hard to determine if they are actually game used. Since, the 1982 World Series had used a special stamp; these balls are easy to verify. Unless someone makes the star stamp the same size and stamped it to look similar. But, this would be costly to make a fake. Anyway, in my professional opinion, the baseball should sell for $250-$500.

When was the first time the Boston Red Sox went to the World Series?

The first time the Red Sox went to the World Series, and it just so happens was the very first modern World Series was 1903. They were known as the Boston Americans at that time and we had the original "Cy Young" award winner himself, Mr. Denton True "Cy" Young, who pitched 3 games that series, winning 2.

Was Honus Wagner a good baseball player?

Yes Honus Wagner was a very good player in baseball. He was good at hitting and pitching and fielding. He also won a World Series Game.

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