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Q: When was the time that Liverpool last won the champions league?
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When was the last time Liverpool qualified for the champions league? Liverpool last qualified for UEAFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE in 2007, in 2009 for UEAFA UEROPA LEAGUE.

When was the last time that Liverpool won the Champions League?


In what years did Liverpool win champions league?

well all i know is that they won the champions league 5 times The last time was in Istanbul in 2005

When last have Liverpool played in champions league?

The 2009-10 season was the last time they played in the Champions League. Ofcourse, they have qualified for the current season i.e 2014/15.

How many times has Liverpool won the champions league title?

Liverpool have won the champio titles five times. The last time was in 2005.

When was the last time Liverpool lifted a champions league trophy?

2005, in that epic final against AC Milan.

When did Chelsea win the Champions League last time?

Chelsea won the Champions League in 2012.

When was the last time milan won champions league?


When was the last time Liverpool won the English league?

Shanif was the hero for Liverpool when they won the cup last night

Which football team overturned a 3-0 half time score to win champions league final in 2005?

The Liverpool it was who completed the greatest comeback in Champions League Final history.

Last time Liverpool won premier league?

They have never won the Barclay's Premiership. The last time they won the league was in 1990.

When was the last time Bayern Munich won the champions league?

Bayern Munich last won the Champions League in 2013. They defeated Borussia Dortmund to lift the cup.

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