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Q: What team holds the record for the highest aggregate win in the Champions League?
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How much is the highest number of goals in one league of uefa champions league in football-soccer and who scored it?

The highest number of goals in one Champions League is 17. The record was by achieved Cristiano Ronaldo in the 2013/14 season.

Who has scored the most goals in a champions league game?

The record Champions league scoreline is Liverpool 8 Besiktas 0

Who has the best home record in the champions league football?


What is celtics record away from home in the champions league?


What is the record for the most number of champions league campaign?

Real Madrid have won the champion league nine times, this is a record.

Who have been league champions the most?

Real Madrid have won the champion league a record nine times.

Who is the top champions league goal scorer?

The top scorer of champions league is shared by Raul and Lionel Messi. They both have scored a record 71 goals.

Who scored a record five goals in one Champions league game?


Which team broke Manchester united's record in the champions league?


Who scored the most goals in the European champions league?

Currently, the record for most goals in the CHampions league is held by Raul and Messi. Both have scored 71 goals.

Which English team holds the record for most consecutive clean sheets in the Champions League?

Arsenal holds the record.

How many champion's league goals did Messi scored for barcerona?

Messi has scored 71 Champions League goals for Barca. Incidentally, this is also the record for most Champions League goals by a single player.

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