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The NHL was formed in 1917 and the Stanley Cup awarded to its first champion in 1918. Previously the cup was awarded as the "Dominion of Canada Challenge Cup" and was awarded to the top amateur team in Canada starting in 1893 to Montreal HC.

As a side note the "winged wheel" of the Detroit logo was actually taken from the Montreal HC.

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Q: When was the the first Stanley Cup awarded to the champion hockey team of the NHL?
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In what year was hockey Stanley cup first awarded?


Who won the 1885 Stanley Cup in ice hockey?

No one. The Stanley Cup was awarded for the first time in 1893.

Why is the Hockey championship trophy called the Stanley Cup?

Because Governor General of Canada (British) donated it to the best hockey team in Canada. In 1926 it was first awarded to the team which was the champion of the NHL

When was the first Stanley Cup awarded?

On March 17th, 1893, to the Montreal Hockey Club.

Who created the Stanley cup?

= Frederick Stanley, 16th Earl of Derby bought the Stanley Cup to present it to the "best" hockey team playing in Canada. It was first awarded to the winner of the NHL in 1917. =

Where was the first Stanley cup awarded?

Montreal AAA

What year did the Stanley Cup begin?

it was first awarded in 1893, but in 1917 it was first awarded to the winner of the NHL

What hockey team won the first Stanley cup in 1893?

Montreal Hockey Club

Which country was Olympic hockey champion from 1928 until 1960?

India was the first olympic hockey champion since1928 AD to 1960 AD

When was the first Stanley cup given out?

The first Stanley Cup was given out in the 1960's. The first team to win it was the "Montreal Hockey Club".

First Stanley cup winners?

Montreal HC (Hockey Club)

Who is the Stanley cup named after?

It is named after Frederick Arthur, first Lord Stanley of Preston, Governor General of Canada from 1888-1893, who donated the Cup as "a challenge cup which should be held from year to year by the champion hockey team in the dominion of Canada."

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