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You're thinking of the four minute mile. Many can run six minute miles.

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Q: When was the six minute mile run time barrier broken?
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When was the 4 minute mile time broken?

When someone decided to grow a sack of bojangles

When did Roger Bannister run the first four minute mile?

Roger Bannister broke the 4 minute mile barrier on May 6, 1954. His time was 3:59.4 secs He did it at Iffley track in Oxford

Who was the second athlete to run a mile under 4 minutes?

Six weeks after Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile barrier Australian John Landy broke Bannister's record with a time of 3:57.9.

What is the average time for a seventh grade girls mile?

the average mile time for a seventh grade girl so she can maybe get a place is from a 7 minute mile and all the way down to a 6:10 mile. which is at there slowest time for a 7 minute mile now days its usually a lot faster.

Who was the first person to run the 40 minute mile?

It takes less time to walk a mile!

What would your time be if you ran a 10 minute mile in a marathon?

Your time would be 4h:22m:00s

What is the fastest time in the half mile run for the Olympics?

1 minute 14 seconds

What is a good mile time for 33 year old man?

Eamonn Caughlin broke a 4 minute mile after age 40.

Fastest minute mile?

Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco holds the world record for the fastest mile with a time of 3:43.13

What is the above average time to run a mile?

The average time for a mile is about 8 minutes, for runners its 6 minutes, so a sub six minute mile is good for a runner and a sub seven for nonrunners.

What is the average time to run a mile for a 50 year old female and male?

twn minute mile is a fairly good time. Anything under 8 is great.

What does per min mean?

=per minute e.g mile per minute(meaning how many miles a mobile object travels in one minute unit of time)

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