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Metal helmets are still in use by professional divers. Many consider the metal helmet to be safer than Scuba gear.

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Q: When was the old steel diving helmet mostly replaced?
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When Germany change their helmet during world war 1?

Their Model 1916 was their first all steel helmet which replaced their leather spiked helmet.

What is the duration of The Steel Helmet?

The duration of The Steel Helmet is 1.42 hours.

When was The Steel Helmet created?

The Steel Helmet was created on 1951-02-02.

Can you help I need to find out about World War 1 helmets for English soldiers?

The British military used what is commonly referred to as the: Brodie, Tommy, or M-1917 steel helmet. The US used the very same steel helmet until it was replaced by the WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, M1 steel helmet.

What were world war 1 helmets made from?

Originally Germany entered the war in 1914 with a leather helmet with a spike atop it, called the Pickleshube(sp?). This was replaced in 1916 by their coal scuttle shaped M1916 all steel helmet. France produced their own all steel Adrian helmet, and the US adapted the British all steel Tommy helmet (also known as the Brodie, and later the Model 1917 "dough-boy" helmet).

First us army helmet?

Metal parade helmets based upon British (pith helmets) & modified German (Prussian) designs were in use in the 1880's by US Army personnel. However, practical protective steel helmets were not issued until WW1...the model 1917 British style "dough-boy" helmet. This helmet was used from 1917 until 1942; when it was replaced by the M-1 steel helmet (steel pot). The M-1 steel helmet fought it's last war in Vietnam.

What is a 16th century steel helmet called?


What are the ratings and certificates for The Steel Helmet - 1951?

The Steel Helmet - 1951 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:16 Finland:K-16 Sweden:15 USA:Approved (PCA #14901)

What does the Pittsburgh Steelers helmet emblem stand for?

The emblem on the helmet is the old US Steel corporate emblem. The only difference is that where it now says 'Steelers' it used to just say 'Steel'.

Another name for a helmet from World War 2?

Steel pot.

Is a knights helmet made out of steel?

One would think so.

What is a football helmet facemask made of?

One of the following three things: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, or Titanium.

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