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The Wisonsin Badgers played in the 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

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Q: When was the last year the Wisconsin Badgers made the NCAA tourney?
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When was the last time North Carolina missed the NCAA tourney?


Who has the most NCAA tournament wins in the last 5 years?

who has the most NCAA Tourney basketball wins in the last 5 years

Did Kentucky make the NCAA tourney in 2009?

No, Kentucky did not play in the NCAA tournament last year. They played in the NIT.

When was the last consolation game in the NCAA tourney?

The last consolation game was in 1981 won by Virginia over LSU, 78-74.

When is the last time the Wisconsin badgers were in the Rose Bowl?

January 1st, 2000

What teams have the most ncaa tourney wins the last 5 years?

North Carolina and villanova Type your answer here...

What Big Ten team was the last to win the NCAA championship?


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When was the last time Wisconsin beat Ohio State and Michigan in Football in the same season?

If Wisconsin defeats Michigan on November 20, 2010 it will be the first time that the Badgers have defeated both Michigan and Ohio State in a single season since 1981.

What is the record between the Buckeyes and the Badgers in the last three years?

As of the start of the 2007 season, Wisconsin and Ohio State had not played since the 2004 season. In 2004, Wisconsin defeated Ohio State 24-13. In 2003, Wisconsin won 17-10 and in 2002, the Buckeyes won 19-14.

Who had the last men's triple double in NCAA division 1 basketball?

Kemba Walker of UConn on 12/3/2010 - 24pts, 13 rebounds, 10 assists for the regular season. Draymond Green of MSU on 3/17/2011 - 23pts, 11 rebounds, 10 assists in the NCAA Tourney. Green's was also only the 7th triple-double in NCAA Tournament history.

How many teams are selected for the NCAA?

There are 65 teams who may enter the tourney, but the last two teams (ranked 64, and 65) will play a "play-in game," to enter the tourney. The winner will be placed in the 16th seed place to face the overall number one seed. This year, Moorhead State and Alambama State are in this "Play-In game" and the winner will be bracketed with Louisville.

Who was the 7 foot center who played for the Badgers when Lew Alcindor played at UCLA?

Al Henry was the Wisconsin center during the Alcindor years. He was 6' 10" and his last year in college was 1970.

When was the last time IU made the Men's Basketball tournament?

I believe it was the 2008 tourney

When was last time Connecticut won NCAA championship?

2004 was the last time Connecticut won the NCAA championship

What are some famous people named Brett?

Brett Favre, Minnesota Vikings QBBrett Hume, Fox NewsBrett Velima, (not sure how to spell last name, college football head coach, Wisconsin Badgers)

Which ncaa team won the last championship?

The University of Connecticut won the NCAA National Championship Game in basketball last year.

Was there ever a year in the men's NCAA basketball tourney that did not have a number 1 seed in the final four?

Last time no #1s made the FF was 2006. UCLA-2 FLA -3 LSU -4 George Mason - 11. Fla beat UCLA in the final.

When was the last year the Badgers football team in the Rose Bowl?

The Wisconsin Badgers have been in the Rose Bowl 6 times. They lost the first 3 times, following the 1952, 1959, and 1962 seasons (the Rose Bowl is played on January 1st or 2nd the following year). They won Rose Bowl the next three times; following the 1993, 1998, and 1999 seasons. Following the 2010 season Wisconsin was again selected for the game.

How did Fennimore Wisconsin get that name?

the last made wisconsin a state in 1848

Last Ivy League winner in NCAA tournament?

The Ivy League has never produced an NCAA tournament champion. However, if you just mean a game won by an Ivy League team, the most recent was in 2010 when Cornell beat Wisconsin, 87-69 in the second round.

Who won the last NCAA tournament?

2010 NCAA Basketball Championship Duke over Butler

When is the last time St. John's has made the NCAA tournament?

St. John's last appearance in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament was in 2002.

Final score NCAA final last 5 years? has the last 70 final scores games, with teams and location