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Q: In basketball what was the first year of the NCAA tournament?
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What year did the NCAA tournament begain?

The first NCAA Basketball Tournament was held in 1939.

Where was the first NCAA men's basketball tournament held?

The first national basketball tournament was the National Invitational Tournament, the NIT. It preceded the start of the NCAA tourney. The first year of the NCAA Basketball Tournament was 1939.

What was the first year of the NCAA mens' basketball tournament?


What was the first year the NCAA basketball tournament was played?


What was the first year of the NCAA men's basketball tournament?


Who is the winningest first year basketball coach in ncaa tournament?

Tubby Smith

How long does the NCAA basketball tournament last?

The NCAA basketball tournament, commonly referred to as "March Madness," started on March 17 this year and will end on April 8. The NCAA basketball tournament typically goes from about the second week of March until the first week of April. The exact dates vary from year to year.

What year did Wisconsin win the NCAA basketball tournament?

The Wisonsin Badgers played in the 2010 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

What year was the NCAA division I men's basketball tournament started?


When does the 2008 NCAA mens basketball tournament END?

last year it ended

When was the last year that Arizona not make the men's NCAA basketball tournament?


What year did the men's NCAA basketball tournament go to 64 teams?