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1997 (split with Nebraska)

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Q: When was the last time the university of Michigan won the national championship?
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When is the last time Michigan State won a national championship?

1966 was the last year Michigan State won a national championship in football.

What season was the last national championship Michigan won?


When is the last time Michigan won national championship in football?


Which ncaa team won the last championship?

The University of Connecticut won the NCAA National Championship Game in basketball last year.

When did the university of Alabama last win a national championship title?

The last time Alabama won a National Championship title was 2009. It was the BCS National Championship VS. #2 Texas. The score was 37-21.

When was the last time a big ten team won the national championship?

The last time a B1G team won the championship was in basketball in 2000 by the Michigan State Spartans.

Did the University of Oklahoma win a National Championship in any sport in 2010 and if so what sport?

The University of Oklahoma did not win any national championships in 2010. The last time a sport at the university won a national championship was the 2008 gymnastics team.

When did the University of Alabama win the BCS National Championship?

Last year against Texas.

Who was the last OU team to win a national championship?

2008. Men's Gymnastics. University of Oklahoma.

When was the last time Oklahoma played for a national championship?

they last played for a national championship in 2002.

When was the last time two teams won the national college football championship?

In 1997 Nebraska and Michigan shared the title.

When was the last time a Heisman winner won a national championship?

2011: Cam Newton, Auburn University

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