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Q: When was the last time in history the lions tigers and red wings won a game on the same day?
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How do lions search for their food?

lions and other hunters like tigers, often search for waterholes (they attract game) and will stay close, and wait until dinner is thirsty

When did the Tigers win their first game?

The first win in Tigers franchise history came April 25, 1901 when they defeated the Milwaukee Brewers 14-13 and also came in the team's first game in franchise history.

Who is the worst team in sports history?

The 2008-09 Detroit Lions were the first team in NFL history to lose every game since the NFL went from a 14 to 16 game schedule.

What is the Detroit Lions record on Thanksgiving dayfor the last 10 years?

They lost every Thanksgiving game they played in history.

What do lions and tigers have in common?

On a very basic level, lions and tigers are both felines. They are "big cats", two of the four large species within the genus Panthera, sitting alongside the leopard and the jaguar.Both are vulnerable species hunted for their pelts. However, lions have a yellowish fur whereas tigers have very distinct stripes on an orange background. Their face shapes are similar, but male lions have a mane while female lionesses stay bare.Tigers are the heaviest feline, and lions are the second-heaviest of the two. They are found mostly in Asia, including the Indian subcontinent. Lions are found in Africa and India.Lionesses are recognized as the main hunters for their packs. Lions go about in groups, but tigers prefer to stay alone. The main diet for lions are wildebeest and zebras. Tigers are known to attack leopards, and old tigers that cannot catch their have even turned into maneaters on occasion. Tigers have killed more people than any other cat. Though they do possess frighteningly sharp teeth, both tigers and lions typically kill their prey using methods of strangulation, clamping down on its neck until it dies. Their relationships with humans are also similar. Lions and tigers are members of the Big Five of game animal hunting, in Africa and Asia, respectively. They are the five most difficult (and dangerous) animals to hunt on foot. Traditionally, 12 subspecies of lions are recognized, and nine for tigers (3 of which are extinct). Only 8 of the 12 lion subspecies exist today.Lions and tigers can be interbred, along with jaguars and leopards. A male lion with a female tiger is a liger, and a female lion with a male tiger is a less commonly seen tigon. Both lions and tigers have a recessive gene that can produce a 'white' version of their species, with either very pale pelts or white pelts with black stripes.

Which NBA team holds highest record in a regular game?

Wilt chamber lions team called "tigers" held the highest record with a score of 169 points.

What nfl team is the worse team in history?

the lions didnt win a single game last year so i guess they r

When did Wings of War - video game - happen?

Wings of War - video game - happened in 2004.

Longest baseball game in hours played?

The longest game in pro baseball history was between the Paw Sox and the Rochester Red Wings... they played 33 innings

In 1936 the Red Wings were part of the longest NHL game in history The game ended with a Detroit win the 6th overtime Who scored the winning goal?

Nickname was "Mud".

What are the names of the wings in the game Spore Hero?

Antisoptera, or Fauxry Wings

What is the most famous animal in Africa?

The most famous animals of Africa are the Big Five game: Lions, African Elephants, Leopards, Cape Buffalos, and Rhinoceros. There are no tigers that are native to Africa.

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