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From their first game in 1930 to their latest game in 2005, Auburn leads 5-1-1.

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Q: What is the history of games played between the Auburn Tigers and The South Carolina Gamecocks?
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What is the distance between Raleigh North Carolina and auburn Alabama?

514 miles

What is halfway point between Auburn AL and Washington DC?

The halfway point between Auburn, AL and Washington DC falls in or around China Grove, North Carolina.

What is the halfway point between auburn Alabama and myrtle beach south Carolina?


What is the halfway point between auburn ny and greenwood South Carolina?

Mt Jackson, VA

What city is halfway between New Orleans LA and Fort Mill South Carolina?

Auburn, AL

What NFL teams have players from Auburn?

carolina panthers

What year did South Carolina beat Auburn in football?

According to College Football Data Warehouse, South Carolina has beaten Auburn once and that was in 1933 by a score of 16-14.

What teams did Alabama lose to in 2010?

South Carolina and auburn

Has South Carolina ever beaten auburn?

Yes in 1933

How many times has a college football team beaten more than one top ranked team in the same year?

Never. The University of South Carolina Gamecocks will be the first. They beat the #1 Ranked Alabama Crimson Tide 35-21 on October 9, 2010 in Columbia. On December 4, 2010, the Gamecocks will beat the #1 Ranked Auburn Tigers and will be the first school to ever beat two #1 ranked teams in the same season.

How many times have South Carolina and Auburn University played against each other in football?

Prior to the 2010 SEC Championship Game matchup between the two teams, they have met 9 times with Auburn leading the series 7-1-1. The two teams met earlier in the 2010 season with Auburn winning, 35-27, at Auburn in September.

Where is the Cayuga Museum Of History And Art in Auburn New York located?

The address of the Cayuga Museum Of History And Art is: 203 Genesee Street, Auburn, NY 13021

What are the most sought after tickets in sports?

The most sought after ticket in sports history is the 2011 BCS Championship game between Auburn and Oregon.

What was the biggest comeback in auburn football history?

dude it was the best game ever 28 27 auburn vs alabama 2010

What are the SEC football teams?

Arkansas Razorbacks LSU TigersMississippi RebelsMississippi State BulldogsAlabama Crimson TideAuburn TigersGeorgia BulldogsTennessee VolunteersSouth Carolina GamecocksVanderbilt CommodoresKentucky WildcatsFlorida Gators

What was the largest point margin of victory between auburn and Alabama?

The largest point margin of victory between Auburn and Alabama occurred on November 17th, 1900. The game ended with a result of 53-5 in favor of Auburn.

How far is auburn from Kentucky?

The distance between Auburn University in Auburn, Alabama and the University of Kentucky in Lexington, Kentucky is 491 miles. It is approximately an eight-hour drive.

What is the overall history of win to loss of Alabama vs auburn?

As of the end of the 2010 season, Alabama 41, Auburn 34, and 1 tie. RTR

What is the difference between light auburn hair color and medium auburn hair color?

Light auburn is probably similar to strawberry blonde. Medium auburn is probably a bit darker than ginger-red hair.

What state is half way between Auburn Alabama and Portland Maine?

The halfway point between Auburn, Alabama and Portland, Maine is located in the State of Virginia.

How many miles between auburn al and tavares fl?

It is 345 miles from Auburn, Alabama to Tavares, Florida.

Who has won the the last 3 games between Auburn and Georgia?

Prior to the November 15, 2008 game between the two schools: 2007 - Georgia 45, Auburn 20 2006 - Georgia 37, Auburn 15 2005 - Auburn 31, Georgia 30

Who won the 1994 auburn vs lsu football game?

The game played September 17, 1994 between Auburn and LSU was won by Auburn by the score of 30-26.

Who are the SEC teams?

SEC West- Alabama Crimson Tide, Arkansas Razorbacks, Auburn Tigers, LSU Tigers, Mississippi State Bulldogs, Ole Miss Rebels, and Texas A&M Aggies; SEC East- Florida Gators, Georgia Bulldogs, Kentucky Wildcats, Missouri Tigers, South Carolina Gamecocks, Tennessee Volunteers, and Vanderbilt Commodores.

How far is Auburn Washington to Maryhill State Park?

There are about 130.708 miles between Auburn, WA and Maryhill State Park.