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2011 starlin castro

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Q: When was the last time a cubs player lead the league in hits?
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When was the last time the cubs won the national division?

The Cubs last won a National League Championship in 1945.

When was the last time the Cubs won their division?

MLB switched from two division per league to three divisions per league in 1994. The Cubs went from the East Division to the Central Division.

Chicago Cubs win-loss record 1966?

The Cubs finished last in the National League in 1966 with a record of 59-103.

When was the last time the Sox swept the Cubs in inter league play?

june 2012

How many Chicago Cubs have had 5 or more hits in a game?

According to the official Chicago Cubs site, 10 Cubs have hit 6 hits in a single game. The last one to do it was Sammy Sosa in 1993.

Who was the last player to score a hatrick against Liverpool in the league?

Fernando Torres the last hatrick scorer in the league.

Last championship of the 20th century for Chicago Cubs?

The last World Series championship was 1908. The last National League championship was 1945. The last NL Division championship was 1989.

Which team has the most MLB World Series?

National League: Chicago Cubs, last World Series in 1945. American League: Cleveland Indians, last World Series in 1954.

What date did the Cubs win the last World Series?

The Chicago Cubs have won two World Series titles, in 1907 and 1908. The Cubs have won 16 National League Pennants.

What national league team after 98 years won a World Series in 1980?

cubs The Philadelphia Phillies, (National League team, established 1883) won the World Series in 1980, not the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs last won the series in 1908, so it's possible the previous responder transposed the digits in the question.

What Major League Baseball stadium to get lights?

All MLB stadiums have lights, although the Cubs were the last to get lights at their stadium and the last to play a night game at home.

Last welsh player score in champions league final?

The player is Ryan Giggs.