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Q: When was the last time Wayne Rooney scored a goal for England?
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When did Wayne Rooney scored his 100th league goal?

Wayne Rooney is cool

Who scored the first goal in the 1966 world cup?

Wayne Rooney

Who scored his debut goal in 2004 for Manchester united?

Wayne Rooney

What landmark goal did Wayne Rooney score in the 8-2 win over Arsenal?

Wayne Rooney scored his 150th goal for United in the 8-2 win over Arsenal.

Who scored most first goal for Manchester United 2010?

it was Wayne Rooney.

TheHow many goals did Wayne Rooney score in the 2010 premier league?

So far Wayne Rooney has scored one miserable goal, it was a penalty.

Who is the youngest ever goal scorer for England?

wayne rooney

When was Wayne Rooneys last goal outside the box?

The last goal Wayne Rooney scored in open play , came way back in March.

Who scored the most soccer goal in one game?

Wayne Rooney , 18 FIFA 12

Which team did Wayne Rooney score his first England goal?


Who is better Carlos tevez or Wayne Rooney?

Both are good players, Rooney has not scored a open goal since March 2010, while Carlos Tevez has scored in many games.

Who scored in the England and kazakstan match on Saturday?

Ferdinand, Kuchma own goal, Rooney scored two and Defoe.

Who scored the winning goal for utd in the world club championship final in 2008?

Wayne Rooney scored the winner in a 1-0 win.

Against which team did Wayne Rooney score his first England goal?


Which country did Wayne Rooney score his first England goal against?


How many scores are done by Rooney in 2010 Barclay's priemier league?

Wayne Rooney has scored just one goal this year and it was a penalty in 2010-2011.

How old was Wayne Rooney when he scored his first premiership goal?

16, five days before his seventeenth birthday

When did Wayne Rooney score his first goal for Manchester United?

Wayne Rooney scored a hat-trick on his debut in the 6-2 Champions League drubbing of Fenerbahçe at Old Trafford, 28-Sep-2004.

When was the last time Wayne Rooney scored a goal?

wayne pooney hasnt scored in a long while.. ignoring penalties.wayne seems to be replicating his goal drought of last year that lasted more than 18 hours... Sadly, he stills starts in games.. hes no berbatov

Who has scored the most goal in the premier league season out of david James john terry rio Ferdinand ruud van nistlerooy sol Campbell steven Taylor and Wayne Rooney.?

It is very close between Wayne Rooney and Ruud Van Nistelrooy.

Who scored the goal in the world cup?

wanye Rooney

How many goals has Rooney scored scines the world cup?

Rooney has scored two goals, both were from penalties, he last scored a goal from open play in the month of march.

When did Rooney last score a goal for England?

Rooney's most recent goal for England was a penalty against Iceland during the Euro 2016.

Who is better Ronaldo or Rooney?

Rooney Rooney has scored way more goal than Roaldo and his a striker + better.

Who are the top goal scorers in English premier league season 2009-10?

Wayne Rooney from Manchester united who has scored 26 goals, one goal above Didier Drogba's 25 goals