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The last time Syracuse was in the Top 25 was at the end of the 2001 season when it ranked 14th in both the AP and Coaches polls after finishing the season with a 10-3 overall record and a 26-3 win against Kansas State in the Bowl.

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Q: When was the last time Syracuse university football team was ranked in polls?
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Is Syracuse better than duke College?

No. Duke has a better record and is ranked higher in the polls.

When was the last time penn state football was ranked number one?

Penn State was last ranked in football during the 2011 football season. During Week 14, the last poll prior to the bowl season and the following "Final" polls, Penn State was ranked in both the AP (No. 24) and Coaches' (No. 23) polls. After losing their bowl game, the Nittany Lions were unranked in both final polls.

How is University of Michigan ranked in the world university ranking?

Universities are not ranked on a global level, as of April 2009, Michigan was ranked as 4th in the United States for Universities according to USA today's college polls

How many NCAA National Football Championships does the University of Maryland have?

Maryland has claimed 1 national title in 1953 with the AP & Coaches polls

How will Notre Dame do in football?

The Fighting Irish have been ranked as high as #9 in the preseason polls for the fall of 2011 season. Other polls have Notre Dame between #10 and #20. The Irish are returning 19 starters from the 2010 season and will play a tough schedule that ends with a game against Stanford which will also be ranked very highly when the first official preseason polls are released. This final game will undoubtably have a major effect on what bowl game in which the Irish will play.

What football team was number 1 in the NCAA for 2011?

The LSU Tigers (Louisiana State University) were the #1 ranked team in the BCS and in most other polls for the majority of the 2011 football season. LSU was ranked 4th in the AP and Coaches pre-season polls. LSU finished the season 12-0 for the first time in team history, and defeated Georgia 42-10 to win the SEC Championship on December 3, 2011. They were scheduled to played in the BCS national championship game on January 9, 2012, in a rematch against Alabama, who they beat in overtime 9-6 during the regular season.

How are points and ranking determined in college football?

Rankings are determined by different "POLLS", the NCAA Coaches poll and the Associated Press (AP) Poll. Generally, most media outlets accept the coaches poll as the official ranking, and when you see a ranking on a televised game, it's the coaches poll rank. When you say points, I'm assuming you mean the BCS point system. The BCS takes several polls into consideration to include a computer polls. It averages these polls and assigns a weight (think point scale) to the average. It then adds for losses and strength of schedule. The team with the best (lowest) score gets ranked the highest. The two highest at the end of the college season are ranked 1 and 2 and play each other in a major Jan bowl.

Can 2 teams from the same conference play in a BCS national championship game?

yes if they are ranked 1 and 2 in the polls

Was Franklin D. Roosevelt effective in his presidency?

Yes, he is consistently ranked as one of the top three US Presidents in most polls.

What is auburn ranked?

The Auburn Tigers are currently ranked no. 1 in both the AP and Coaches polls, based on the last rankings released after the Tigers' victory over Oregon in the 2011 BCS National Championship Game.

What rank is cal in college football?

Look up the Top 20 polls on ESPN

What years did the university of Georgia win national titles?

Apparently the University of Georgia has won TWO National Championships in College Football. These were 'polled' for the 1942 & 1980 college football seasons.The 1942 title was a shared title due to split-polling results between UGA led by Heisman Trophy winner, Frank Sinkwich, and a respected team from Ohio State University coached by future NFL Hall-of-Fame coach, Paul Brown.The 1980 title was an undisputed, consensus title following the season often known for the 'arrival' of Herschel Walker, alluding to his future dominance which also earned him the 1982 Heisman Trophy.There were also polls that placed UGA at the top of their lists during 1927, 1946 & 1968 although these were minor polls or less observed polls, but there were no consensus or split National Championships among those polls.