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There are currently 21 colleges and universities in the state of Michigan that field football teams in the NCAA or NAIA.

They are (in order of overall win percentage since 1945):

Grand Valley State (NCAA Division II) - .734

Michigan (NCAA Division I-FBS) - .715

Hillsdale (II) - .636

Siena Heights (NAIA) - .625

Albion (NCAA Division III) - .614

Hope (III) - .593

Central Michigan (I-FBS) - .585

Michigan State (I-FBS) - .578

Saginaw Valley State (II) - .565 (.5652)

Northern Michigan (II) - .565 (.5649)

Alma (III) - .544

Western Michigan (I-FBS) - .514

Michigan Tech (II) - .509

Northwood (II) - .492

Ferris State (II) - .489

Adrian (III) - .476

Wayne State (II) - .435

Kalamazoo (III) - .419

Eastern Michigan (I-FBS) - .390

Olivet (III) - .328

Concordia (NAIA) - .000 (began program in 2011, and is 0-14 all-time)

Additionally, Detroit Mercy ended its football rpgoram after the 1964 season. Based on win percentage (.467), Detroit Mercy would fall between Adrian and Wayne State on the above list.

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Michigan fans believe the maize and blue are true winners. The stadium is always packed for home games and traffic that jams freeways hours before and directly following games. Rumor has it, Michigan has some of the best tailgating parties ever.

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Division I has two subdivisions for football.

In Michigan, there are no Division I-FCS programs.

There are two Division I programs that do not sponsor football teams (Oakland University and the University of Detroit Mercy)

There are five Division I-FBS programs.

Michigan (Big Ten)

Michigan State (Big Ten)

Western Michigan (MAC)

Eastern Michigan (MAC)

Central Michigan (MAC)

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Michigan is an all around great team, they probably fall number 5.

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I don't know the exact answer. I just know it's been a very long time since they've been ranked #1 now that they keep playing like #2.

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Q: When was the last time Michigan was ranked number one in football?
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