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Q: When was the last time Liverpool finished above united in the league?
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When was the last time Manchester city finished above Manchester united in the league?

1991. City finished 5th, United 6th.

How many times have everton finished above Liverpool since 1962?


Has wigan athletic been relegated from premier league?

No. Since their promotion to the Premier League, Wigan has never been relegated. The closest they came was when they finished just above Sheffield United after beating them on the last day of the season.

What is the lowest position Liverpool have finished in the Premier League?

They were relegated once. Above answer is technically not correct, question asks lowest position in the Premier League, which started in the 1992/93 season (yes they have been relegated way back in the old Division 1 days). Liverpool's lowest finish in the Premier League was 8th, in the 1993/94 season. However, the rate they're going in this 2011/12 season, they're gonna beat that all time low!

Where in the UK is Liverpool?

Liverpool is situated in the North West of the England (UK), and can be found on a map just above the tip of Wales.

How high above sea level is Liverpool City Center UK?

Liverpool is a coastal city so it's at sea level.

Are Everton fc better than Liverpool fc?

Statistically, no. Liverpool have more trophies and bigger names at their club. Also, Liverpool has a much richer history. Most of the time, Liverpool finishes above Everton on the league table, however in the last two seasons ('12 and 13') that has not been the case. Both teams have much promise for the 2013-2014 season though, so we will see how things progress through the future.

Is the United States is above or below the equator?

The United States is completely above the equator.

Can blue square compete in the league cup?

No, the league cup is only for teams in League 2 and above.

Is the United States located above or below the equator?

The United States is completely above the equator.

Why does the visiting basketball team's name post above the home team's on the scoreboard on TV?

Interestingly, in UK the home team is posted first, as in Manchester United at home to Liverpool. Or Philadelphia Eagles at home to Pittsburgh Steelers.

Which of the following is a reason to wait to revise until after you are finished writing?

all of the above are correct.

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