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Q: When was the last time Dublin won the all Ireland football championship before 2011?
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What was the Capitol of Ireland before 1921?

Dublin was the capital of Ireland before 1921, as it still is.

Was Belfast or Dublin the capitol of Ireland before it became separate countries?

Prior to partition, Dublin was the capital of Ireland.

Was cork capital of Ireland before dublin?

no, Cork has never been capital of Ireland

Can Dublin win Sam Maguire?

Yes they can, as they have done it before. They have won the All-Ireland Championship 24 times, and 10 of those were since the Sam Maguire was first presented to All-Ireland Champions in 1928.

What was the capital of Ireland before Dublin?

The capitals of Ireland before Dublin have been Kilkenny Town (briefly) during early English dominance in County Killkenny and Tara in County Meath.

When was Dublin Ireland founded?

Officially it was founded in the year 988AD but there were people living where Dublin now is long before that.

Who is singing before Beyonce in tonight's concert in the 02 Dublin Ireland?


What are the major Gaelic Football competitions?

Gaelic Football is played at many different age categories. There is also clubs, schools and colleges competitions. There are competitions within counties, within provinces and All-Ireland competitions. All have their main competitions, principally their All-Ireland Final. The biggest of all the competitions, and Ireland's main sporting competition, is the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship. It features the county teams of senior players, who are normally all over 18, although there is also an under 21 competition. The All-Ireland Senior Football Championship runs from May to September each year. As part of the All-Ireland Championship, each of Ireland's 4 provinces has its own championship. The second biggest competition is the League, which finishes in late April or early May, before the championship starts.

Did Dublin every win an All Ireland hurling final before 1978?

Yes they did. In fact, every time Dublin have won the All-Ireland Hurling Final was before 1978. Dublin have won the All-Ireland Senior Hurling title on 6 occasions. They won it in 1889, 1917, 1920, 1924, 1927 and 1938.

Walter Osborne when did he paint house builders?

in Dublin Ireland in 1902 the year before he died

What is the history of the capital of Ireland?

Dublin is the capital of Ireland. It has a history of over 1000 years as a city, and another 1000 years of history before that. It would be impossible to give a comprehensive history of Dublin here. Try the link below for a bit of Dublin's history:

What is the postal code for 15 Belleview Park Avenue in Booterstown 4 Dublin?

There are no postal codes in Ireland - the address is as above but just put the 4 after Dublin, not before it e.g. Dublin 4

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