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Q: When was the last time Arsenal football club of London won a trophy?
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When was the football club Arsenal founded?

The Arsenal Football Club was originally founded in 1886. The Arsenal FC plays football (or American soccer) in the English Premier League, in Holloway, London.

Is arsneal in London?

It is the name of a football club in London, but there is no actual place called Arsenal.

Who founded Arsenal Football Club?

Arsenal Football Club started out as Dial Square in 1886 by workers at the Royal Arsenal in Woolwich, south-east London, and was renamed Royal Arsenal shortly afterwards.

Why do arsenal rule?

Because they are the most prestigious football club in London

What football clubs serve South East London?

The best known football club from South East London is Arsenal. Arsenal are a Premier League football club and regularly finish in a high position in the Premier League table.

Who was arsenal founded?

Arsenal Football Club where founded in 1887 as Dial Square in Woolwich South East London.

What does Emily Watson support?

The English football team Emily Watson supports is Arsenal. The Arsenal F.C Football Club is located in North of London.

Who does Chu-Young Park play for?

Arsenal Football Club. Based in North London.

Who is the first team coach of Arsenal?

Neil Banfield is the first team coach of the London based Arsenal Football Club.

When was Arsenal Football Club Museum created?

Arsenal Football Club Museum was created in 1993.

Is Arsenal a city or town?

It is not a place. It is the name of a football club in the area known as Holloway, which is in London.

Where does Arsenal Football Club play their home games in the EPL?

they play in emirates which is located in London

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