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Q: When was the last Indiana Hoosier college basketball team to go undefeated?
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How many undefeated men's college basketball teams are there in Division I of the NCAA at the moment?


Is there a college basketball team that has gone undefeated?

Yes the Indiana Hoosiers but I do not know the year

What teams have gone undefeated in college basketball?

INDIANA HOOSIERS!!!! The Rio Grande College Redmen of 1952-53. 39-0

Who are the college basketball teams that went undefeated including the national championship game?

Indiana Hoosiers 1976 - Bobby Knight was the coach

What college had the last undefeated women's basketball teams?


What is the last undefeated team in college history?

1976 Indiana Hoosiers

What college basketball teams are undefeated so far this season?


What is the last men's college basketball team to go undefeated?

1975-1976 Indiana. 32-0. Actually there was another team that went undefeated and won a NCAA basketball national championship. It was in 1996. Fort Hays State of Hays, KS went undefeated in the regular season and post season. Winning the NCAA Div 2 national championship. Sure, it's div. 2, but an undefeated college basketball season is so infrequent, at any level, it should be recognized.

What college basketball team has won the most games in a row?

I believe it was Indiana when they where coached by Bobby Knight. They went undefeated the whole year then won the finial four.

How many Division One college basketball teams have gone into the tournament undefeated and how many won the tournament?

17 teams have gone undefeated in the regular season and of those only 1 (Indiana in 1976) has gone on to win the National Championship.

Undefeated college basketball teams so far 2010?

University of Louisville

Who is number one in mens college basketball team?


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