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Q: When was the last Cleveland cavaliers eastern conference championship?
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What division are the Cleveland Cavaliers in?

Eastern Conference

What team defeated the Pistons in the 2007 Eastern Conference Finals?

Cleveland Cavaliers

Which teams did Orlando Magic defeat in 2009 eastern conference playoffs?

Cleveland Cavaliers.

When was the last time the Cleveland Cavaliers made it to the Eastern Conference finals?

Cleveland Cavaliers reached the Eastern Conference finals last 2009. They were annihilted though by the Orlando Magic after winning their series 4-1. They recently was defeated by the Boston Celtics in the 2nd round of 2010 NBA playoffs.

When Is The Next Cleveland Cavaliers Game?

@Chicago, 3rd game of the First Round of the Eastern Conference playoffs (Cavaliers lead series 2-0), on April 22nd, 2010

What team did Larry Bird play his last game against?

He played his last game against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference Semis.

Which NBA team had the most overall wins in a season and not win the championship?

The Cleveland Cavaliers had the best record of 66-16 in the league in 2008-09 NBA season, But in the Playoffs, team was eliminated by the Orlando in the eastern conference finals..!!

Are the cavaliers going to the playoffs?

Yes, they currently have the best record in the Eastern Conference.

Which NCAA conference has the most championship appearances?

I think its the SEC(South Eastern Conference)

When was the last time that the celtics were in the eastern conference championship?


What is the most games the Cleveland Cavaliers have won in a regular NBA season?

The most games the Cleveland Cavaliers have won in a regular NBA season, was 66 (losing 16), in the 2008-09 season. They ended up reaching the Eastern Conference Finals and losing there to the Orlando Magic 4 games to 2.

Which teams are left in the NBA playoffs 2010?

In the Western Conference, the Los Angeles Lakers will face the Phoenix Suns while the Orlando Magic is still waiting for the winner in the Cleveland Cavaliers-Boston Celtics series for the Eastern Conference Finals.

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