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Q: When was the game of tag first played?
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Where was playground tag first played?

Uggghh the Caveman's children probably played tag.

How do you use tag in a sentence?

My mom forgot to remove the price tag from my shirt. The kids played a game of tag.

Is there a game where you get to be a fox?

Fox and geese is a game of tag played in the wintertime.

What sports were played in the first century?

ANSWER Boner tag

What did the Haida tribe do for a living?

They played games called THE DICE GAME,STICK GAME,AND LINE TAG.

Who is the second tag team on svr tag team roster?

If it's the first game I believe it's Evolioulion.

How do you play phone tag?

Phone tag is played when you call someone and they do not answer but then they call you back and you do not answer. This can go on many times but is not an actual game.

What you do wean playing tag?

Tag is a fun childrens game that is played around the world. When playing tag, one person is "It" while the others run around him or her. The person who is "It" must tag or touch another player who then becomes the new "It."

What part of speech is tag?

The part of speech for tag is verb. It is because when you tag someone in the game, it's an action. But, it can also be a noun as in the game of tag.

What year was the first organized basketball game played?

The First Game was played in 1891

What is 'on the tag'?

It is a game.

What is the tag?

It is a game.