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1974 in Germany

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Q: When was the first time Australia qualified for the football world cup?
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How many times has Socceroos qualified for world cup?

Australia have qualified thrice for the world cup.

Have New Zealand qualified for the football world cup?

Yes. They qualified in 1982 and in 2010.

The other English speaking country that has qualified for World Cup Football?

England and U.s.A. have qualified for a world cup.

When did Australia first compete in the football world cup?

1974 in Germany

How many time Saudi arbian football team qualified for world cup?

Saudi Arabia qualified for the world cup twice.

Did Australia qualify for the 2014 FIFA World Cup?

Yes, Australia qualified for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

When was the last time Australia qualified for the World Cup?

It was 2006.

What proportion of the teams in this years world cup is from Asia?

Four teams qualified for 2010 FIFA World Cup from Asian Football Confederation (AFC). Australia Japan Korea DPR Korea Republic.

Are Australia in the FIFA World Cup?

Yes, They qualified and are going through

When werethe UAE in the football world cup and who did they play?

The last time the U.A.E qualified for a world cup, was back in 1990 in Italy. They failed to proceed from the first round.

How many times Saudi football team qualified in world cup finals?

Saudi Arabia have qualified for two world cups 1994 and 2006.

Which is the only nation to have qualified in all football world cup torunamnets so far?

In any world cup Association Football tournament the host country are automatically put through to the finals making them the first to qualify.