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The 1900 Games in Paris when the team from Great Britain defeated the team from France, 4-0.

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Q: When was the first soccer game played in the Olympics?
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What is the first game played in the Olympics?


Where was the Olympics when soccer was introduced?

Soccer (Football) was first played in 1900 Olympics and the first FIFA recognized game was in 1908 Olympics.

What state in England was the first game of soccer played?

The first soccer game was played in London in England.

When was the first Olympics played?

the first Olympics game festival was in 776 bc

Where was the first soccer game played in?


When was the first soccer game played in college?


When the game of basketball was first invented what was the game played with?

it was a soccer ball

Who invented the first game of soccer?

China had the first game of a variation of soccer that is still quite similar, while the English played the first game of mob soccer between towns. Nips

What day did the Olympics start?

The first Olympics game was played at Helsinki in 1928 in Greece.

When was the first night soccer game ever played?

In 1865

First soccer game played in Canada?

yes it is correct

Where were the first modern Olympics game played?

The first modern Olympic games were played in Athens

How many minutes in an olympics soccer game?


How many minutes are in a game of soccer at the Olympics?


When was the first admitted of soccer in olympic game?

Football made its debut at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris.

What years have US played for soccer?

The United States played its first international soccer game in 1884 and they have had an international team from then on.

What year was Soccer first played at the Olympics?

It has been in every summer olympic game from 1900-2008 (so every four years). There are however two exceptions. It wasn't played in 1896 and 1932, and women's football only game to be a sport in the Olympics in 1996. Hope this helps!

When was the first Olympic Basketball game played?

At the 1936 Summer Olympics.

Where was the first soccer game played at?

its hard to know but i think its was played a mexico or england

When was volleyball first included in the Olympics?

it was first played at the 1924 Summer Olympics at Paris as a "simple game" but it was officially included in the 1964 Summer Olympics

When was the first game of soccer played?

mk dons vs charlton

Who played in the first televised soccer game?

Liverpool vs. Arsenal

How was the first game played of basketball?

With two peach baskets and a soccer ball

What was the date of the first soccer game played at?

Type your answer here... in 1865 at europe

What was first year soccer was played?

Various forms of soccer have been played for thousands of years but as we know the game today, around 1857