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The time when Football was brought to life :)

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Q: When was the first match in history between real Madrid and Barcelona?
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What caused the rivalry between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona?

The rivalry between Barcelona and Real Madrid will always be there as Real Madrid are a dirty team who do under the table of buying footballers. First it was Alberto Stefano, who almost signed for Barcelona, then there was Luis Figo who was bought under the table from Barcelona.

When is the match Barcelona vs real Madrid 2011?

The first match between Real Madrid and Barcelona was played at the Bernebaue It is called The El Classico The Classic.Barcelona won it 2-0.

What was the score in the Barcelona vs real Madrid match 2010?

During the two El Classicos or The Classic played between Barcelona and real Madrid in 2010. Are as follows In the first game played at The Nou camp Barcelona won 1-0, and in the second game at the Bernabaue Barcelona won the game 2-0.

What is Real Madrid vs Barcelona football record?

The answer is : Real Madrid 11-1 Barcelona, in the first leg of Copa Del Rey -June 13, 1943.

Which la liga team has never been relegated from first division?

It is Real Madrid and Barcelona

How did Salvador Dali learn to paint?

First art school in Barcelona, then Art Academy in Madrid.

Who is better at football Real Madrid or Barcelona?

it is ofcouse Barcelona because Barcelona won Madrid 2 days ago 2barce-0, the first goal scored it the best player in the world Lionel Messi,and this was in their stadium at Madrid. 2nd time Barcelona won Madrid was at middle of the season (now we are at almost the end), it was at Barcelona stadium Camp Nou we won them 2-0 also so this year we are simply better than them. Infact i don't wana lie to you, I AM A LOVER OF BARCELONA AND A GREAT FAN TOO. But too bad for them we are better.

Madrid and Barcelona fc on financial statuses?

First we must understand that Portugal, Spain and the Greek economy collapsed, so they both Real Madrid and Barcelona , have both been spending far to much on players so they are both in debt.

What are the first 5 most popular football clubs?

Manchester united, Barcelona, chivas, ac milan, and real Madrid

What is Spain's second most populous city?

Barcelona with a population of 1,615,448 as of 2011. Madrid being the first with a population of 3,265,038 as of 2011.

What was Christiano ronaldo's first goal against Barcelona?

bracelona 1-1 real madrid 16/04/2011 (penalty)

What city is the second-most populated in Spain?

Barcelona with a population of 1,615,448 as of 2011. Madrid being the first with a population of 3,265,038 as of 2011.

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