When was the first home PC?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: When was the first home PC?
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What is a PC suited for home entertainment called?

Home Theatre PC

When did the first PC come out?

The IBM 5150 is considered the first personal computer for home use. It was introduced to the public in August of 1981.

System bios in windows xp home?

bios is PC not windows, bios can be loaded when you first start the pc, it normally has a hotkey like f8 f10 or f11

When was the first PC made?

The first PC made was in 1223.

What hardware do you need to send email from your home PC?

what hardware do i need to send an email from my home pc

What is computer in the home?


How do you access your home PC at work?

you could use a program called teamveiwer. but it involves leaving your home PC on

What is a desktop PC?

PC stands for "personal computer" . Therefore a desktop PC is just that - a home computer!

Who made the PC?

It is not sure who made the pc. In 1981, IBM created the first "Personal Computer". I'm not saying IBM created the first pc, but they were the first ones who called it a Pc.

What was the name of the first IBM PC?

PC Junior

You want to remote access to your home PC from your work PC what is the best secure way for doing this?

if u want to remote access your home PC from your work PC the best way is that if the both are at same place then make a cross cable and then join the both PC with the help of it

What is the difference between an industrial pc and a home pc?

An industrial pc is used to hold more information and file more work. A home pc is usually more game friendly and is used to working online more than the other