When was the first documented game of golf?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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Scotland in 1457

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Q: When was the first documented game of golf?
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Where does a golf game begin?

The first tee.

Who won the first documented Canadian football game?

yes it is correct

Which king popularized the game of golf in England?

King Charles the first Popularized the game of golf in England while studying there.

Where was the game of golf first played?

In ScotlandStephanie

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Which came first the game of golf or the piano?

Golf was first played in the 13th Century, stringed instruments were around before this but the first modern piano's were not around until the 17th Century. So golf was first.

Where was the first golf game held at?

17 OCTOBER 1860

Who is the first people play golf?

The generally-accepted "home of golf" is Scotland, and the Scots are typically viewed as the inventors of the game.

When was the first game of golf played in Scotland?

The first recorded game of golf in Scotland dates back to the 15th century, with the earliest documented mention in 1457 where King James II banned the game to keep his soldiers focused on archery practice.

What was the first date documented B.C.?

date salmonella was first documented

What is the game of golf usually referred to as?

Golf. But a single game of golf is usually referred to as a round.

How do you say golf in German?

golf = der Golf golf = das Golfspiel golfing (game) = das Golf gulf (geolog.) = der Golf to golf = golfen | golfte, gegolft to golf = Golf spielen to play golf (game) = Golf spielen