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The first chariot was created in 2000B.C.

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Q: When was the first chariot invented?
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When was the first Greek chariot invented?

the first cart was invented in 3000

When was the chariot invented?

The chariot was invented by the Mesopotamians

When was the first chariot created?

It was invented by the Mesopotamian empire for war type purposes at first, but then foud out that it was also good for entertainent such as chariot races.

Who invented the horse drawn charriot?

The Egyptians first invented the horse drawn chariot, however, the Mayans invented the wheel.

When was the war chariot invented?

the war chariot was first invented by the Hyksos...somewhere around the 17th to 18th Dynasty of New Kingdom Egypt.They used the war chariot which overpowered Egypt, allowing them to conquer and establish an empire for the next 100 years...Another version of the invention of the war chariot is that the war chariot was invented in 1500 B.C.E by the Hittite empire.Source: The World's History, by Howard SpodekSince this was so long ago, there is no definite information as to who invented the war chariot and when. What we DO know, is that the Hyksos had it, that the Hittites had it, and that future empires had it.

Where was the chariot invented?

Ancient Mesopotamia

Gold chariot with black horses is which god's symbol?

either Athena because she invented the chariot or Poseidon because he invented horses

Who invented the war chariot?

The War Chariot was invented in 1500 B.C.E by the Hittite empire. Source: The World's History, by Howard Spodek

What ancient civilization invented the chariot?

the hitites

What are Athena's accomplishments?

She invented the chariot for battle

What are two things that the sumerians invented?

they invented the pottery weal and the chariot.

Who invented chariot?

The chariot's first appearance was in ancient Egypt perhaps as much as two thousand years before Rome or Greeks became part of what we call ancient history.

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