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Long time ago

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Q: When was the first LSU football game?
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Who will win this Friday's Football game between Arkansas and LSU?


Who was the first black football player at LSU?

Lora Henson was the first African American to receive a football scholarship to LSU and was the first African American to letter in football at LSU Mike Williams was the first African American to letter in football at LSU and the first African AMERICAN to become ALL American at LSU . Actually his name was Lora Hinton.

What was the highest scoring LSU football game?

LSU stomped baylor 81-0

Who had first Death Valley lsu or clemson?

LSU. They were founded first, as a school and as a football program

What is the record for the most points scored in a LSU Football game?

The answer is 93

Did lora hinton play football at lsu?

Yes. Lora Hinton was the first black player to recieve a scholarship and play football at LSU.

Face value for LSU football tickets?

Can you pleaser tell me the face value on LSU vs Kentucky game 2011

How many points were scored in one football game?

Well, ONE football game was the LSU-Ole Miss game this past Saturday. In that game, 65 total points were scored by both teams, 41 for LSU, 24 for Ole Miss.

What colors or on the lsu football helments?

The colors of the LSU football helmet is yellow and with a Tiger on it

What game did the LSU football team score 93 points?

Louisiana-Lafayette on November 21, 1936 ... LSU won 93-0.

Who won the 2008 gators vs lsu football game?

The Gators unfortunately won. Hey Perk up LSU still Rocks!

When was the last time lsu football lost a home game at night?

Florida in 2009

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