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The first ever Seahawks game was a preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers at the Kingdome in Seattle on August 1, 1976 ... the 49ers won 27-20.

Their first ever regular season game was September 12, 1976 against the St. Louis Cardinals at the Kingdome ... the Cardinals won 30-24.

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Q: When was the Seattle Seahawks first ever game in the NFL?
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How many fans do the Seattle Seahawks have?

The Seahawks average 68,000 fans a game

Who did the Cowboys lose to in the 2007 Playoff Game?

The Seattle Seahawks

What team will the Seattle Seahawks play next?

They play the Tennessee Titans in the first preseason game and then host the San Francisco 49ers in the first regular season game.

What is the score in the Seahawks Packers game?

The final score of the game that was held on Sunday, January 18th, 2015 at CenturyLink Field in Seattle, Washington, was Seattle Seahawks (28) Green Bay Packers (22). The game was decided in overtime.

Who scored the first touchdown in Seahawks history?

The Seahawks first ever TD in a regular season game was scored by WR Sam McCullum on a 15 yard pass from Jim Zorn in the Seahawks 30-24 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals on September 12, 1976. their first ever regular season game.

Seattle Seahawks what channel is the game on today in Spokane?

2, or HD is 102

What date in 2011 did the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Seattle Seahawks in Seattle?

The Steelers played the Seahawks on September 18, 2011. The game was at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, not Seattle. The Steelers won, by the score of 24-0.

Who won the game of seattle vs new Orleans 2011?

Seahawks, 41-36

Where was the football game New Orleans Saints vs Seattle Seahawks?

New Orleans

What was score Seahawks vs redskins playoff game 2008?

Seahawks 35, Redskins 14 played January 5, 2008 in Seattle.

What can you do at a Seattle Seahawks game?

Watch the game, eat a good ol' hotdog, and enjoy the amazing Quest Stadium.

What songs are played on field during a Seattle Seahawks game?

what is the rap song played on the field during a seahawks game? after a touchdown before kickoff. Aint I- Young LA

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