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Opening day for the Red Sox was April 13, 2012.

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Q: When was the Red Sox opening day in 2012?
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What was the original opening day for the Red Sox in 1912?

Opening day for the Red Sox was April 11 against the Highlanders (Yankees) at Hilltop Park in New York. The Red Sox won 5-3. Opening day at home, and the first regular season game played at Fenway Park, was April 20 also against the Highlanders. The Red Sox won that game 7-6.

Who appeared in 22 opening day lineups for the Red Sox?

Carl Yastrzemski

What Red Sox pitcher has the most opening day starts?

Josh becket

What is the value of a 1962 Boston Red Sox opening day program?

50 cents

When was opening day for the Boston Red Sox in 1994?

The Boston Red Sox opened the 1994 season at home on April 4th against the Detroit Tigers. The Red Sox won the game 9-8.

Who pitched Mn twins pitcher opening day shutout?

Santana...shut out the Red Sox...

How many times have the New York Yankees played the Boston Red Sox on opening day?


Who are the top 3 teams in salary in Major League Baseball?

On Opening Day 2010, that was the Yankees first, Red Sox second, and Cubs third.

When is the opening day of NBA 2011-2012?

Christmas Day.

What day is opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics?

July 27 2012

What are Target hours Thanksgiving Day 2012?

Target will be opening at 9pm Thanksgiving day for 2012.

What day is the 2012 New England Patriots opening day?

Sunday, September 9, 2012.