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The opening ceremony was on the 27th of July and the closing ceremony was on the 12th of August.

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Q: When was the London 2012 summer Olympics games started and ended?
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When did London Olympics started?

The Summer Olympics began Friday, 27 July 2012, and ended Sunday,12 August 2012.

Have the Olympics ended yet?

The 2012 London Summer Olymipics are over, yeahh, The next Summer Olympics will be heals in Brazil.

When is summer in Canada?

in 2011-the summer started in may and ended in October

When did the Olympics start and end?

In ancient times the Olympics started in 776BC and was ended in 394AD.

When and where was the last olympic games held?

The last Olympics games held in 2012 in London. The started on July 27 and ended on August 12, 2012.

When Olympics will held in London?

They ended with the closing ceremony August 12 2012

When did Olympia start in winter?

no it started in the summer and ended in the winter

What date do the 2012 Olympics start?

The 2012 London Olympics started27 July and ended 12 Aug 2012. THe 2012Paralympics started29 August and ended 9 Sept 2012.

How long was the London plague on for?

The London Plague started in 1348 and ended in 1666 (318 years). Hope the answewas what you were looking for.

What was the name of the street where the Great Fire of London started?

The Great Fire of London (1666) started on Pudding Lane and subsequently ended at Pye Corner -coincidence? -I think not!

Why are there no 2010 summer Olympics?

No one was sure if the snow would melt in Vancouver in time. They ended up canceling it.

When did the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics start and end?

The 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics started on February 12, 2010 and ended on February 28.

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