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2003 when the Panthers went to Super Bowl 38

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Q: When was the Carolina Panthers conference champs?
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What division and conference do the Carolina Panthers play in?

NFC South.

Did the Eagles ever play the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs?

Yes, the Philadelphia Eagles have played the Carolina Panthers in the playoffs. The played in the 2003 NFC Conference Championship game. The Eagles lost 14-3.

Where are the Carolina Panthers from?

The Carolina Panthers are from Charlotte North Carolina.

Which conference has the most ncaa football champs?

alabama conference!

When was Carolina Panthers created?

Carolina Panthers was created in 1995.

Are the Carolina panthers from north or South Carolina?

The panthers are named the "Carolina Panthers" Not claiming a specific relation to either state, but their stadium is in Charlotte, NC.

What division league and conference championships have they won?

Division champs in 2002 and 2003 and then 07' to 11' President's champs in 2010 Conference Championship 10' and 11'

What was the Carolina Panthers record in 2007?

In 2007, the Carolina Panthers record was 7-9.

What states has the most panthers?

Carolina has the most panthers.Thats why they call the team Carolina Panthers

What state is the NFL Carolina Panthers located?

The Carolina Panthers home stadium is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What does the Wordsworth family do with Carolina Panthers?

What does the Wordsworth family do with Carolina Panthers, the Sports team? They make money. The Wordsworths own the Panthers.

What state do the Carolina Panthers play their home games?

North CarolinaThe Carolina Panthers play in Charlotte, North Carolina.