When was table tennis made?

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1930 - 1950

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Q: When was table tennis made?
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How are table tennis balls made?

what is the historical of the table tennis

Where was the first table tennis bat made?

The first table tennis bat was made in England in 1890.

What is the table tennis ball made up of?

Table Tennis balls are made out of celluloid. They were originally made out of carved champagne corks!

What is table tennis table made out of?

some form of plastic

How does a table tennis paddle differ from a tennis racquet?

The big difference of a table tennis paddle form a tennis racquet is it's size and composition. The table tennis paddle is small and made of red and black rubber while tennis racquet is long and made of slim steel and string.

How is table tennis and tennis different?

table tennis is played on a 15x6 table and meany different rules to tennis

What is a table tennis ball made out of?

some form of plastic

What equipment was use in table tennis?

The equipment that was (and still is) used in table tennis are a table tennis paddle/racket/bat, a table tennis table, a table tennis ball, clips to hold the net above the middle of the table, and a net.

What are the equipments in playing table tennis?

a table and tennis

What is the proper name for the table you play table tennis on?

Err a table tennis table

What is the length of a table tennis table?

the length of a table tennis table is 274centi meters

What are table tennis racquets made of?

A table tennis racquet (more commonly called a paddle) is usually made from laminated wood that is covered in rubber or plastic, depending on the quality of the paddle.

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