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Q: When was swimming introduced to the public?
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Was swimming in the first Olympics?

No, swimming was first introduced in 1896 for men in Athens, Greece. Women's swimming was introduced in 1912 at the games in Stockholm, Sweden.

When was swimming introduced to Olympics?

The Olympics started in 776 BC but I'm not sure when swimming was introduced!!!?????

Can germs live in a public swimming pool?

yes, germs can live on a public swimming pool. why? because a public swimming pool is used by the public and people have germs on their body and when they get in the swimming pool, the germs on their body will be transfered to the water on the pool, and germs will spread in the water and people will also get germs. after having a swimming on a public swimming pool, you need to take an immediate bath so that germs will be killed.

Can you get chlamydia from a public toilet or swimming pool?

You will not get chlamydia from a public toilet or swimming pool.

Why was swimming introduced?

Noun your beeswax

How can a local public swimming pool be found?

A local public swimming pool can be found by dialing 411 on a phone and asking the operator for a public swimming pool. Additionally, many public swimmings pools are listed in phonebooks and online.

When was Swimming first introduced to the Olympics?


When was swimming goggles introduced to the Olympics?


How public swimming pools rare important to community?

Public Swimming Pool is important to a community because not all houses in a certain community have a swimming pool. Building own swimming pool is too costly and it needs maintenance. Public swimming pools give opportunities to those who want to practice their swimming skills and ability.

When did swimming appeared at olympic?

swimming has appeared at every modern Olympics, which started in 1896. Womens swimming was introduced to the Olympics in 1912.

When was swimming intruduced in the commonwealth games?

Swimming was introduced at the first British Empire Games in 1930.

When was the internet introduced for the public to use?

it was introduced during the mid 1990's for the public use.

How swimming is introduced in Olympics?

swimming is part of the summer olympics. Can't quite understand what you're asking for

How can you find public swimming pools in New York?

If one wants to refresh a bit in some Public swimming pools one can find public swimming pools in New York by looking at the newspapers or by looking at the Internet.

When was swimming introduced into the commonwealth games?


Why did Michael Phelps choose swimming?

His sisters influenced him into swimming. He was introduced to swimming when he was young by his sisters, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He chose swimming because it was his main hobby, and something he wanted to do with his life.

When was a mustang introduced?

The Ford Mustang was introduced to the public in 1964

When was the open water swimming event introduced to the Olympics?


Which swimming stroke was not introduced into Olympics until 1956?


Which swimming event was introduced at the Olympics in LA in 1984?


When was synchronised swimming introduced to the Olympics?

1984 at Los Angeles

When were electric lawn mowers introduced to the retail public?

In 1934, the first electric lawnmower was introduced to the public. It was called a LawnBoy.

What country did swimming come from?

Swimming is thought to be thousands of years old and may have been started by the Ancient Egyptians. Swimming as a sport was introduced in Great Britain in the 19th century.

What are some public swimming pools that are located in Toronto?

A few public swimming pool that are located in Toronto include Ponds in the City, Thornhill outdoor swimming pool, Thornlea Pool and the Toronto Hilton pool.

In what year were CD players introduced to the public?

CDs were introduced in the year 1634