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not sure what year, but i know the us has not played for a long time

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Q: When was field hockey first brought to America?
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When was field hockey first discovered?

When was field hockey first discovered

What was played first ice hockey or field hockey?

Hockey was historically not played on ice until around the invention of modern ice hockey. This was well after the creation of modern field hockey, which itself derived from earlier variations. In short: field hockey was first.

What is field hockey on ice?

Well, by field hockey I think you mean hockey games that are done on the ground like field hockey, street hockey,ect. It is called ice hockey. *Field hockey and ice hockey are completely different rulebases. As the first answer pretty much describes, it is simply called "field hockey on ice", like it is called "field hockey on grass", "on turf", "on concrete", etc.

When was Field Hockey introduced at the Olympics?

Field hockey was first introduced in the 1908 Summer Olympic, London.

When did females begin playing field hockey?

Exactly when is hard to tell, but the first women's field hockey club was founded in 1887. The first women's field hockey national association was in Ireland in 1894.

What came first field hockey or ice hockey?

Field hockey variants have been played for thousands of years; ice hockey was only begun in the 18th century.

Where did field hockey first start?

it first started in England

When do you know you're a field hockey player?

The first clue would probably be the fact that you play field hockey, for a start.

When did field hockey enter the Olympic games?

Hockey was first played in the Olympics in 1908.

Who invented the first field hockey stick?

Because field hockey variants have been played for thousands of years, the first stick used and who used it is not known.

When where the slaves first brought to America?

1619 they were brought into jamestown

Where was field hockey first played?

Europe mostly England

What tribes first played hockey in America?


What country did field hockey start in?

Field hockey was first played in England but the first men's international was played between Ireland and Scotland. The first women's international was between Ireland and Wales.

When was the first cow brought to the Americas?

The first cows were brought to America in 1611, Jamestown.

When was the first field hockey game?

in 1789 the first filed hockey game was played the woodwind tigers against the chilly peperminds

When where slaves first brought to America?

cristopher colombas brought them from Africa

When was the Men's Field Hockey introduced in the Olympic?

The Men's Field Hockey was introduced in the Olympic first time in the Summer Olympic of 1908 held in London.

How do you know who gets the ball first in field hockey?

Coin toss

Where were the first blacks in America brought?

The first blacks in America were brought to the North American colony of Jamestown, Virginia. Most of these first blacks were from West Africa.

What year was field hockey invented?

The modern rules for the game of field hockey was invented in 1849, the same year as the first club to use those rules.

When did India participate in hockey for the first time in the Olympics?

While they have never participated in ice hockey they have been participating in field hockey since 1928.

How many different events does hockey have?

In the Olympics, there are four events: men's field hockey, women's field hockey, men's ice hockey, women's ice hockey. The first two are played during the Summer Games; the latter two are played during the Winter Games.

When did India win its first Olympic gold medal in field hockey?


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