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Biathlon has been competed at every Winter Games since 1960. Women's events were added in 1992.

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Q: When was biathlon a sport in the Olympics?
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What winter olympic sport does not involve snow or ice?

Olympics biathlon

Is Biathlon a summer or a winter sport?

Biathlon can be both a summer (running/shooting) and winter sport (skiing/shooting). In the olympics however Biathlon is considered a winter sport because they only do cross country skiing and shooting.

Is biathalon a common sport?

A biathlon sport is one of the most common sports played in winter Olympics.

What is the difference between Biathlon and triathlon?

Biathlon refers to the winter sport that combines cross country skiing with rifle shooting. Triathlon refers to the warm weather sport that conbines swimming, cycling, and marathon. Biathlon is competed in the Winter Olympics. Triathlon is competed in the Summer Olympics.

When was the sport biathlon included in the winter Olympics?

1924 (the first one) but it was known as military patrol.

What sport is biathlon a summer sport or winter sport?

Winter sport

What is the sport called-shooting-skiing?

during the Olympics they have a race called a biathlon where you ski for a certain distance then shoot at a target then repeat

What year was the biathlon brought to the Olyimpic games?

The sport known as biathlon debuted at the 1960 Winter Games in Rome. However, the 1924 Winter Games in Chamonix had a sport called 'Military Ski Patrol' which was very similar to the current biathlon relay race. Military Ski Patrol was a medal sport at the 1924 Winter Games and a demonstration sport at the 1928, 1936, and 1948 Winter Olympics. When biathlon debuted in 1960, it was an individual event of 20 kilometers. A 4x7.5 kilometer relay race was added in 1968.

What sport uses the skis and a gun?


Who created the sport biathlon?

ancient Greeks

Is lion bath an anagram of a sport and if yes what sport?

mabye biathlon

What sport make up biathlon?

A biathlon is made of of cross country skiing and target shooting

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