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World Basketball Manager was created in 2009.

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Q: When was World Basketball Manager created?
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When was Euroleague Basketball Manager created?

Euroleague Basketball Manager was created in 2008.

When did World Basketball Manager happen?

World Basketball Manager happened in 2008.

When was World Basketball Association created?

World Basketball Association was created in 2004.

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Basketball World Cup was created in 2002.

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When was FIBA Basketball World Cup created?

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When did Euroleague Basketball Manager happen?

Euroleague Basketball Manager happened in 2008.

When was Eurocup Basketball created?

Eurocup Basketball was created in 2002.

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True. Dr. James Naismith is known world-wide as the inventor of basketball.

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The basketball team-manager, manages the team: so they collect the money, get the score sheet and yeah they just do all the organising. :)

What does gm mean in basketball?

It means general manager michael jordan is general manager of the Charlotte bobcats.

When was British Basketball created?

British Basketball was created in 2006.

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The Destroyers - basketball - was created in 1998.

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Basketball Times was created in 1978.

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Flamengo Basketball was created in 1895.

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Basketball Bundesliga was created in 1966.

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Basketball Nightmare was created in 1989.

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Euroleague Basketball was created in 1958.

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UMFB Basketball was created in 1989.

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Basketball Stevenson was created in 2009.

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Basketball Wales was created in 2008.

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Basketball Jones was created in 1974.