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Willie Mays, outfielder for the New York Giants was Rookie of the year in 1951.

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Q: When was Willie Mays National League rookie of the year?
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Who was NL 1951 Rookie of the year?

The 1951 National League rookie of the year winner was Willie Mays

In 1951 who was the 20 year old outfielder thatjoined the New York Giants?

It was Willie Mays, who went on to become that National League's Rookie of the Year.

How many National League batting championships did Willie Mays win?

Willie Mays won the NL batting title once, that being in 1954 when he hit .345.

Willie mays pitching?

There are no records of Willie Mays pitching at the Major League level.

Who was the 1964 Home Run leader?

Harmon Killebrew (American League) 49 Willie Mays (National League) 47

What is the value of a 1951 Bowman Willie Mays Rookie Card?

Beckett list the Mays Rookie from $1800 to $2500 depending on condition of the card. An ungraded version of the card in near mint condition will fetch $2500 + .

What team did Willie Mays play for first?

Willie Mays made his Major League debut on May 25, 1951 with the New York Giants.

Who was national league batting champ 1960 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68?

Willie Mays

What is the birth name of Willie Mays?

Willie Mays's birth name is Mays, Willie Howard.

How many home runs did Willie Mays hit during his rookie year?

In his rookie season, Willie hit 20 home runs in 464 at bats for the 1951 New York Giants.

Was willie mays a Christian?

Willie Mays is a Christian.

What is willie mays full name?

Willie Mays

Did Willie Mays win a all-star game?

He was on the winning side many times. But in 1968 at the Houston Astrodome, Willie Mays pretty much won the All-Star Game for the National League all by himself. Mays led off the game in the first inning and singled off pitcher Luis Tiant. An errant pickoff throw by Tiant allowed Mays to reach second. Then a wild pitch sent Mays to third. He scored when Willie McCovey grounded into a double play. That was the only run of the game. The National League won 1-0 and Mays was named the game's Most Valuable Player.

Willie Mays autograph?

can I get willie mays to sign his jersey

How much is a Willie Mays bowman chrome card worth?

It depends... Is it a rookie? What's it's condition? Is the card certified? What card number? Any Willie Mays card probably ranges within $3.00-$6,000.00.

What did Willie Mays accomplish durin his life?

what did willie mays accomplish

What positiion did willie mays play?

Willie Mays was a center fielder

What is Willie Mays's birthday?

Willie Mays was born on May 6, 1931.

When was Willie Mays born?

Willie Mays was born on May 6, 1931.

When was Willie Mays death?

Willie Mays is still very much alive.

How old was Willie Mays when he played in 1951?

Mays' major-league debut was on May 25, 1951, 19 days after his 20th birthday.

Is willie mays dead as of 9-22-09?

Willie Mays is still alive.

Who are willie mays parents?

His parents were Willie Mays Sr. and Annie Elizabeth McMorris.

Who is better Roberto Clemente or Willie Mays?

Willie Mays -- more power and speed.

Where is Willie Mays buried?

Willie Mays is still alive if you were talking about the baseball player.