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Willie Mays won the NL batting title once, that being in 1954 when he hit .345.

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2008-02-20 22:41:24
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Q: How many National League batting championships did Willie Mays win?
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Who won the national league batting championship in 2005 season?

The 2005 National League batting championship was won by Derrek Lee of the Chicago Cubs, who posted a .335batting average.

Who was national league batting champ 1960 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68?

Willie Mays

Who was the National League MVP in 1985?

1985 NL MVPThe 1985 National League MVP was Willie McGee

Who was the first black player in the National Hockey League?

Willie O'Ree

Who is the only batting champ to not hit a home run?

Hall of Famer Willie Keeler led the National League in batting in 1897 at .424 and did not hit a home run. Hall of Famer Rod Carew led the American League in batting in 1972 at .318 and did not hit a home run.

Who won a batting title without hitting a home run?

Willie Keeler won the National League batting title in 1897 at .424 without hitting a home run. Rod Carew won the American League batting title in 1972 at .318 without hitting a home run.

When was Willie Mays National League rookie of the year?

Willie Mays, outfielder for the New York Giants was Rookie of the year in 1951.

Who was the national league mvp in 1979?

1979 NL MVPsThe 1979 National League MVP was won by two players. Keith Hernandez, and Willie Stargell.

Who was the 1964 Home Run leader?

Harmon Killebrew (American League) 49 Willie Mays (National League) 47

Who Is the 1969 home run leader?

National League- Willie McCovey 45 American League- Harmon Killebrew 49

How old is Willie McGee?

MLB National League MVP Willie McGee is 59 years old (birthdate: November 2, 1958).

Who is the national league leader in career grand slams?

Hall of Famer Willie McCovey with 18.

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