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UEFA Europa League was created in 1971.

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Q: When was UEFA Europa League created?
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Does the winner of the uefa europa league qualify for the following seasons uefa champions league?

No. There is no such provision

Did tottenham qualify for UEFA 2011?

They didn't qualify for the UEFA Champions League but they did qualify for the Europa League.

What sport holds the UEFA Cup?

The UEFA Europa League, formerly known as the UEFA Cup, is associated with the sport of soccer.

Has real Madrid won europa league?

Real Madrid won the Europa League, then named the "UEFA Cup" 2 times.

When was UEFA Champions League created?

UEFA Champions League was created in 1955.

How many times has Chelsea F.C. won the UEFA Europa league?


Will a 5th placed team in epl play uefa champions league?

No they will play in the U.E.F.A or Europa League.

How many times has Chelsea F.C. won the UEFA Europa leage?

0 times. They have always been in the champions league. But before they were called the Europa league and the campions league Chelsea had won the Europa league equivalent twice.

When was UEFA Women's Champions League created?

UEFA Women's Champions League was created in 2001.

What cup from now on will be played between the winners of the Champions League and the Europa League?

The cup will called the UEFA Super Cup. It will be played between the winners od the Champions League and Europa League.

Can the f a cup winner go to the Uefa champions league?

NO, the Uefa champions league is from league position places in each country not for cup winners. FA Cup winners go into the Europa League

How many times have Stoke City won the Champions League?

Stoke City have never played in the Champions League. Although they have appeared in the UEFA Cup twice and the UEFA Europa League once.

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